Tuesday, April 27, 2010

remember when T19 was a skate brand? T19 x GOrilla

when i was a sneaker junkie i recall that the t19 dunk hi's were the sneakers i wanted to skate to shreds.

unfortunately, i could never get my hands on a pair and my shimizu's ended up skated to shreds (which is breaks necks and makes hypebeast cringe)... actually, i dont even think i wear any of my nike's anymore. i've been wearing these chrome shoes since they came out the box....

ANYWAYYYYY... a few years ago the t19 crew moved onto bikes. and well, i have to say, t19 is on the ball with taking up with gorilla to collaborate.
so i'm only going to post one of these because the detail pics are taking forever to load up:

When we were in Tokyo last autumn we met Otaki from T19 skateboards: More than one year ago he was one of the first who showed interest in the Kilroy (prototype model, back then). So we took the opportunity to meet up with the man behind that skateboard brand: We loved the Hamburger Tank and the T19 blue and decided to do a collaboration.The first frames will be available in July, orders via

i want to see a grime edition gorilla. FOREALS BRO. but this this will suffice- i actually like the colorway...and the hamburger tank that reminds me of stitch of lilo & stitch if youre not looking... just putting it out there.


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