Thursday, April 15, 2010

no one should be mad at charge, a rant.

(via zlog)
okay, i dont want you looking at your charge scissor and going "OH FUCCCCCK NO!" this is not going to happen to your scissor. i'm more than sure that this will not apply to all charge scissors:
unless you have been doing some ridiculously hard grinding, i'm more than sure that your charge scissor will not end up like so. people have been taking this thing off stairs and have had the frame come out in one piece. as far as warranties go, in this case this is not standard wear and tear per se so if you are going to try to get this covered under warranty, youre kinda out of luck. that's unfortunately how this whole thing functions. people should not be angry with charge's response to not cover this under warranty because it's the same thing for pretty much every company. for example, profile replaced my friend's chainring due to a defect in it's manufacturing. though profile utilizes a warranty of sorts, they dont accept grinded on cranks.

a bicycle company should not be obliged to replace anything that has be abused. sure it's a FGFS frame but there are limits. in this case charge has every right to say that this guy cannot get a brand new frame without collateral just because it got thrashed. if it happened that way for every company that utilized a warranty then they would go out of business and people would be running over their setups with their car when they wanted something new. so for the people who are outraged with charge, do the same thing to a volume cutter. they will say the same thing. do the same to a bruiser. they will say the same thing. do the same to a leader. they will say the same thing (trust, if you run a 725 they will not replace it. tried it.). do the same to a kilroy, and wonka will give you his personal setup (yeah, you thought i forgot about THAT warranty).

all in all, no one should be mad at charge. they make a damn good product, good enough for the likes to tom lamarche if you have forgotten. always remember that fixed freestyle isnt the most ideal thing to do with a fixed gear bike. alot of people forget that. sure these geometries have been made for fixed freestyle, but remember the roots. there's a reason why 700c trick riding was not ideal as far as 3-4 years ago.


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