Monday, April 5, 2010

mission workshop grocery run /w the digital camo vandal

Grocery Run - Vandal Cargo Backpack from Mission Workshop on Vimeo.

this is quite possibly one of the most versatile bags ever. so the vandal can hold 1) your shit and 2) and then some. i KNOW this is going to be my next bag since my obey messenger's stability strap crapped out. love the diversity of the food groups consumed in this one... beer, it's liquid bread- it's good for you.



Tinj said...

I can't believe it held all that! This bag looks sick!

J.mika'ele said...

oh man, that's not even the half of it. the thing is huge, and it's well built with utility in mind. mission workshop had a great set of minds that knows what they're doing behind the brand. though the criticism of being pricey is valid, you have to admit that a bag with that much design work as well as space is good enough to get rid of your car. it's THAT good and if fits THAT much stuff!