Thursday, April 8, 2010

massive vid post: assholes, wizards, tutorials, spring break, cross, and nasty.

No-Coast Classic from Coastless Clothing on Vimeo.

i have a cousin who lives in denver. who wouldve known that denver has such a big following? oh and if that guy at the end pulled one of those in the bay area or in california for that matter, his face would have been smashed in FOR SURE.

Magic Tricks with Wizard from Mike Dinh on Vimeo.

damn, marwin goes hard. so hard he blows his seat off. "this, you dont want to know what's in that"

Bike Polo Rules Sequence from Mo Ghayour on Vimeo.

if you dont know how polo works here's a great edit that tells you all the rules and regulations. it's really handy.

NYC Spring Break 2010 from Dylan Bigby on Vimeo.

if you havent noticed, the macaframa crew is on the move. the other week they were in nyc. oh, and this was filmed with a flip cam which makes me want to get one. the only drawback is the whole shaky camera part where it's awkward to hold, but still... it's the macaframa crew. nyc is way too hectic imo.

Cyclocross - Charge Bikes from Charge Bikes on Vimeo.

this is a feature for charge's freezer. i've been looking into cyclocross since a buddy of mine got himself a giant carbon cyclocross machine. he even stickered it up proper (just to make the purist CRINGE). not sure if he took it off the road yet, but i definately am looking at alot of cross stuff.


short and sweet. damn that is a looooooooong ass slider. nasty gets it all the time. finally off a fuji and onto a bike that's more suited for him, a durcus one. nice.


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