Wednesday, April 21, 2010

in search for the perfect cycling shoe: the 2010 vans versa

i know i know, i shouldnt be posting stuff that would imply that i used to be a sneaker fiend in every way. if it suffices, i've been wearing my chrome kursks ever since they came out the box. now with all this sneaker culture crap on my rss reader, i sometimes come across sneakers that i think would be great for everyday riding.

(via hypebeast)
what makes this one great is the fact that it was developed by ALEX OLSON. now alot of you guys have no idea who ALEX OLSON is, so i'll tell you. ALEX OLSON is, he is the son of STEVE OLSON. STEVE OLSON is a legend:

but enough about worshiping the gods of my youth,let's talk about this shoe. it may look like the rear of an av era, and the front of a chukka low. reinforced toe, and the sides (where the perfect kickflip area is, mind you) are perfect for either riding in clips (toe box) or single fat strap frs'(side reinforcement). i personally like the black one. seems like something i can wear in either a formal or casual situation. whatever. i'm going to shut up. what do you guys think?


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