Monday, April 19, 2010

douchebaggery: in bags, in commercials, and in a swobo

this weekend i sensed a theme of douchebaggery in the fixed gear realm.

(via highsnob)
if you want to look like a total douche, you would have one of these. this is a collabo (which most of the time does not come out right) between bedwin and cyclex of japan. no cycle messenger would use such a thing nor name their company after a record label run by an arrogant dude. the road runner one only reminds me of "MEEPMEEP*ZOOOM OFF*" and a company named ACME which sells quite alot of explosives. DO NOT WANT.

Central Park Ciutat de Girona from Steadycam Girona on Vimeo.

getting beer is nto a douchebag act but when youre getting beer mid-way a wheelie, then it may be a douchebag act. i dont think this is a real ad, but it would make a pretty cool one. but to be honest, when i saw san mig i thought it was the filipino san mig. and that san mig is a staple in the philippines- the number one cause of drunk uncles with beer bellies. got me excited, and then got tricked last minute.

Swobo Double Douche from Bike Magazine on Vimeo.

now you cant really go wrong with swobo. you just, cant. the "ass badge" is the silhouette of mark twain- i mean tom sellick. and spoke cards with the likenesses of chachi, AND michael knight!? you cant lose. it screams douche. it's doubly douche. it's the double douche.


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