Monday, March 29, 2010

subrosa wants you to save them boobies: NBCF Vilicus grips

(via subrosa)

after taking a slam while doing a ghost ride (my bag got caught on the seat and WOOP right over and then on top of my bike), i destroyed my bar end on one of my grips- so it's about that time to get a new pair. subrosa knows that you like a great pair so in a collaboration with the national breast cancer foundation, subrosa made these Vilicus grips (hoang tran model i believe). even though the majority of subrosa's stuff is either gray, black, white, or (if you feel a little crazy) red, thse grips are wait for it.....PINK....ish.  now with every purchase of these grips, subrosa will give 2 dallars towards the NBCF! if pink isnt your style (you scene kid you) i think these would look great on your girlfriends bike. dont have a girlfriend? slap em on your sister's bike or something. or put them on display and have a smug feeling about doing something good!


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