Wednesday, March 3, 2010

now try pedaling away: white industries quick release pedal system
(via urbanvelo)
this is cool, so white industries showed off their quick release pedal system at NAHBS 2010. i dont know how to explain it so i'll let UV explain as much as they can:

"The system uses a proprietary crankarm and threaded sleeve. The sleeves (two pair would be provided with each crankset) thread on to your pedals and a small groove allows them to be locked into the crankarm via a manually actuated sliding mechanism. Yes, it’s difficult to explain. But in person, it’s relatively simple."

this would be a great deterrent against bike thieves. i know that MKS makes a similar device, but you have to use MKS pedals. it seems like white industries solved the pedal problem but not the crank problem. someone make a universal version!


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