Wednesday, March 17, 2010

massive video post: soupleese, sean coates, roseville rumpus-ing, and cliche's of SF

so i get up this morning and my rss reader is flooded with edits. it's not a bad thing, it's just TEEEEE-DE-US (haha not really, i actually enjoy procrastinating on my day to watch a couple edits) first off, we'll start with the lockedcog crew.

the camera is on. still. from Kris *lockedcog* on Vimeo.

BallSkin. from Adam Becerra. on Vimeo.

it's wierd that i know where some of those spots are. this reminds me, when i get up and running again i want to go to another effin fridays. brad, kris and their gang of dudes were pretty fun to hang around with. you could hella see it through that first vid. good stuff.

Introducing Sean Coats from COG JERKERS on Vimeo.

remember in the skateboard world when nyjah houston came out hucking 12 stairs out of no where? sean is the nyjah of fixed freestyle. if this kid does not get picked up by a local shop or a bike company, i'll be a little disappointed. he already has the setup, he already has the skills. great song choice btw. jello biafra is insane now, but man when he was in the dead kennedy's, he was on point. i also find it kind of creepy that jerry brown is running for governor of california.... (listen to california uber alles by the dead kennedys and you will know) oh yeah, is it just me or is that kilroy a liiiitle small?

Souplesse Web Trailer 2 from Derred Andy on Vimeo.

finally something that involves hill bombing, leg-overs, and proper urban track bikes. though this trailer was short, it's loaded.

The Creatives - Ube's Ice Cream Shop -Teaser from Jake Wiens on Vimeo.

okay first off, when i saw the title i got excited. ube ice cream is a filipino tradition. ube is a purple root of sorts when made into ice cream, it's good. much to my dismay, it's a dude named ube who does ice cream paint jobs. it's funny, because i know a dude who's gone by the name of "ice cream" for...well... ever. he's a body work guy who also does paint (long before that stupid ice cream paint job song). ironic? very. continuing on, this vid makes san francisco look a little too cliche. "OOOH THESE PEOPLE ARE CREAAAATIVVE *waves hands sarcastically*" but i do give respect where respect is due, i like his bike. wouldnt straight bar it, but i's a good lookin' build.



Nancy Resnikoff said...

Good post, although I was hoping for a little more than 47 seconds fdor that last vid. Going to bike party Friday?

J.mika'ele said...

that's this friday? hmm. thinking about it. though i left my track bike in chico, i have a full carbon downhill bike, a heavily modded mountain bike and a singlespeed slingshot at my disposal. i'm considering it. has it gotten worse over the past couple months?


Jake Wiens said...

Thanks for the post!
Check out the past episodes for Adobe TV.