Friday, March 12, 2010

kuwahara fixed gear?

ok so i know a little bit about bmx history without ever owning a bmx bike and never being a part of that scene, so shoot me. remember kuwahara's?

personally when i think of 80's bmx freestyle i think se quadangle and kuwahara bravo. it seems like they disappeared for a quick minute but jussi from fgb found something of interest...

this is kuwahara's version of a fixed gear, the kikuchimonji.dude, those are dura-ace hubs and cranks. dude thats a hatta-swan headset. dude, i wouldnt be surprised if that stem and seatpost were nitto. dude, is this njs? for a bmx company that was big on freestyle, it's surprising they went the urban NJS track machine route. i like it, but i wouldnt be surprised if they made a 700c bravo. because that...would... be...RAD.


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