Tuesday, March 16, 2010

iminusd loves gears, BMC, and TREEEEE.

(via imd)
okay, so i coat-tail iminusd alot- fuckin sue me. i really dont care because i fully support the dudes for keeping san jose in the loop. now i bought my tree splined sprocket from imd. that place is one of the very few places you can get them. and if youre like me, it's local. i got done polishing mine and i really cant wait to show of the finialized product. they have a 36 (raw), 39 (black), 42 (black), and a 42 (raw) in stock NOW. once these run out, then youre looking at another 1-2 weeks before you see another come into the shop. i never realized the sprocket's rarity until i got one, so GET ONE. i loveeee me some tree (yeah, i know- im saying it like that on purpose. though i dont smoke, i know people who do. theyre probably laughing hysterically right about now).

now if there's anything the dudes at san jose fixed love more than tree, i's bmc. hell, mark of iminusd had one that pretty much rocked the foundations of what is proper and silly (but we all know, we would love to have that BMC):

(via annamarie cabarloc)
now iminusd not only deals with track machines (yes, irony intended), but also road bikes- and not just your ordinary centurion ironmans, or nishikis, or shoguns or even specialized

(via imd)
wow, this thing is dipped in sram parts. 3t bars, tape, stem and seatpost. reynolds clinchers wrapped in conti's. this is the bike you dream about. proper build!


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