Wednesday, March 31, 2010

frivolously frivolous: marc jacobs' bicycle hat

(via highsnob)
if anyone came up to me and told me that my "hey dude/LETS PARTY!" cycling cap was fashionable and stylish, i would up and sock them in the DOME. apparently this is the new style- don't get the bike, just get the outlier fit and match it with a marc jacobs cycling cap. i guess dude, i guess. there are other colors if youre in to that shit.


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Unknown said...

hi jmik,
thanks for the post... the hats were actually designed and produced in madrid, spain by us, peSeta... we´ve been making special items for Marc Jacobs since 2008. and it´s not really about the outfit...
we do use bikes around here and we have a few friends who actually build bikes ( so we did this special item with love and respect