Thursday, March 25, 2010

dqm stole my blog's name. THEY STOLE IT.

(via highsnobiety)
is that a picture of a hill? and does the arm say speed kills? what is that? i wonder if the other arm says bomb hills.... because it's implying that. can someone from dqm tell me what fuck is going on?



Anonymous said...

they didnt steal anything, and besides with the amount of FGFS shit you post lately and now you are hosting a trick comp, this blog has gone the way of the others = trick. sorry not trying to be a dick, but seriously you need to live up the name of the blog and cut out all the FGFS shit that you can see on all the other blogs.

J.mika'ele said...

woah, that was hot and negative. you see the problem with the name of the blog is that there is pretty much NOTHING out there for the type of riding i like. therefore, if i solely focus on bombing hills, I'm going to have little or nothing to talk about. but there shouldn't be a split between tricks and bombing hills- what i'm trying to encompass here is the culture and essence of it all as cliche and silly that sounds. and most of the time it's more opinion based or something like that- nothing to get angry about.

as for the competition, that competition has been going since 2008. i've been a part of that since, well 2008. we all suck and the pivotal point in that whole event is the race. i could give two shits about the other events (actually, i give a shit about the long skid- i'm actually good at that). it's not like i'm throwing a midwest mayhem or river city trickjam.

as for dqm- i'm a recovering sneaker addict and i do own a couple DQM shirts. and yes, i do recall the DQM air max 90s unlike regular folk. daves quality meat is a sick brand, and really, i like that speed kills shirt.

no dis respect to you, but it's quite impossible to seek sufficient coverage of hill bombing these days when the majority of the urban fixed gear movement is focused on fixed freestyle. it's unfortunate, it's scary (much like the walmart "fixed-speed"), that's just the way it is.


Anonymous said...

you are right about no content to post, and we have ourselves to blame for that. I along with others need to start getting content out there so you have some thing other than FGFS to post. I am just tired of all the FGFS stuff posted its hard i will give it that, but it doesnt appeal to everyone who rides fixed.

Unknown said...

Let's see some Chico content, sucka!

Tinj said...

You're right jmik, if only there was more about bombing hills...