Wednesday, March 24, 2010

calling all dudes with stuff: looking for sponsors and prizes for april 11th event.

weather has finally let up and this little town seems like it perked up a little bit- bikes are on the streets, people are outside and such. so on april 11th there will be a contest and alleycat right here in chico. ted shred slammed me with a deadline, so i'm hustling to get some sponsors and prizes for the event. so if you represent a blog with some shirts or something or other shoot me an email at (dont judge me, i've had that email since 6th grade. i'm a sophomore in college, so you do that math). the flyer will be up soon!

(by the way, we all suck at the freestyle portion, so someone from the bay show up and kill the competition. its only me doing nosebonk to halfcabs, my friend doing 720 keos, mike lee doing a wheelie round the block, and my cousin doing keo bars to smoothie to sliders. and maybe ted doing that thing above- so if you can top that, you CAN WIN the freestyle portion. and if i can pull some prizes together, it'll be worth the 3hour drive from san jose. just saying.)


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