Monday, March 29, 2010

bike snob is just a dude... dude.

(via WSJ)
i dont believe it. i looked up to thy anonymous figure since early 2008 and he ends up being just some dude named Eben Weiss? the creator of the rip torn seal of approval, the dachshund measurement system and the saying that yearns to be my ring tone "all you haters suck my balls" is just some 36 year old dude? the guy who makes fun of awkward brake lever positions, who named the ironic orange julius scattante, who featured my friend's sierra nevada bike, who made me use the word "nonplussed" in my everyday converstions, is just a dude? i am crushed. i was expecting it to be like SURPRISE IT'S SHELDON BROWN FROM THE GRAVE! or SURPRISE, IT'S A TENURED WASHED UP CYCLIST FROM THE 80'S!

im so crushed. SO crushed. i will read bike snob differently from now on...



Anonymous said...

That is not Snob. That is just a dude. Carry on.

ted shred said...

that dude is gettin punched in the face if i ever see him in person for talkin so much shit...its on..