Monday, March 15, 2010

asiatic: durcus one stylin from japan, and the LSD dolphin and 38 destroyer

(via w-base)
YES. this is a well thought out and built bike. let us not forget that the wbase team has been testing this rigorously and we shouldnt forget that the japanese have that certain flair to their riding that calls for constant frame abuse. this sucker will be available on march 24. well, if youre in japan.

(via LSD)
"fucking trick strong?"
okay, i cant translate this. but i can understand this:

looks cool, but not that functional. tell you why. that curved tt, only allows you to slam the seatpost which equals less shit in the way if youre jumping. but for technical tricks, it's  just a regular frame judging by the geometry. here's something a little better:

the geometry on this is a little more dialed in. but my issue is those dropouts- with all those holes and through abuse, i believe those whole will lead to the bike's undoing. you dont need to be a weight weenie with a trick frame. in addition to that there's no gussets on either frame. not feeling it to be honest.

the verdict
durcus one stylin': like
38destroyer:needs work

all three: wierd names.


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