Monday, February 15, 2010

when in rome: more of the polipo 3rd gen straps

so i've been talking to luca from polipo bags, and i will be getting a pair soon. my colleague and i are going to thoroughly review them so im hella psyched for that. anyway, luca was in rome with a his stefano, christian, simone and a bunch of other dudes to test them out:
now i would like to take the time to warn all the purist track bike owners to look away or navagate away from this page. it involves a faggin pursuit, a 650 "DEATH" spinergy rev x, colored chain as well as platform pedals. [IMG_0093.jpg][IMG_0096.jpg][IMG_0098.jpg][IMG_0099.jpg][IMG_0100.jpg][IMG_0070.jpg]
(via polipo)
they batter the shit out of their bikes. tha bianchi looks like it's been tossed a couple times. anyway, if they test their straps as hard as they abuse their bikes (which is a good thing btw) then i dont see why the polipo staps should fail.


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