Friday, February 5, 2010

whack-a-ball: polo mallets kits

want to get into polo but have no idea how to source supplies for a mallet? here are 2 solutions for your demise. first off, the fixie inc. MO's mallet:

(via cycles for heroes)
made of an HDPE mallet as well as a stiff AL7075-T6 shaft (heh... i said shaft), this this seems super light and super heavy duty. unfortunately, these mallets are ony avail. in europe, but i'm sure someone can get a batch stateside.

now for something more readily available, the MKE polo mallet:
Milwaukee Bicycle Co. - Bike Polo Shaft / Head Kit - Click Image to Close
(via MKE)
made of basically the same thing, you lose the holes, but gain a paintjob. and as benscycle put it perfectly "Same as you've been getting from the electric company, but you won't go to jail." get to it kiddies, smack some balls- there are no more excuses.


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