Monday, February 22, 2010

urban velo all-city big block review

if you didnt know by now, i've been a fan of all-city since day one. it's not everyday where you get something inexpensive as well as quality in the fixed gear realm. web mag urban velo recently did a review of the all-city flagship frameset, the big block and i like what i'm hearing:

"through all of it the bike felt predictable, with no dead spots in the steering or other handling quirks. Perhaps better stating the bike’s handling I managed to not hit the ground with anything but my feet throughout my entire stay, keeping the two wheels up and moving forward for the duration. With clearance for most ‘cross tires the bike makes a solid platform for those who prefer track bike handling, even in the slop....With no fender or rack mounts the bike is certainly not everyone’s ideal commuter, but that’s not the aim. The goal was pretty much a traditional track sprint bike with a few tweaks to better suit the street"
the thing was tested during stuporbowl weekend, so you know this thing was put through it's paces. go check out the review.


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