Monday, February 15, 2010

supreme means youre cool in NY, right prolly?: shera one illustration

(via this place)
i really want to print this out hella big and hang it up in my shop's wall. i'm a big fan of black and wite illustrations especially stuff you can most likely do with a sharpie. i love the level of detail: HED JET, supreme (that means youre cool in NY, right prolly? HAHAHA) chain wrap, mashinelli, the girl's zoom tiempos (bet you didnt notice that shit), the inconspicuous knife in her hand, her dia de los muertos tat. shera one has one more fan!



Shera Illustrator said...

cool to see my work here, thanks Jmik to support!


Prolly said...

Must be in SF. That bike would get stolen in a second in NYC.

J.mika'ele said...

@prolly purp- haha probably is in sf. in the bay area youre cool of you have "supreme" and in ny youre cool if you have "huf". whatever.

@shera- loving the illustration, it's my desktop right now!