Thursday, February 25, 2010

SUPERTED!!!! (and prolls)

i think this is a whole bunch of awesome. ted was in NYC the other night- it's his first time stateside because 14 bikeco sent him for NAHBS. prolls took the dude out for some pizza and beer:

ted's ESB is teh shiiiiiit! you dont understand, rustbikes tickle my fancy soooooo much. i want to do that to the bruiser i'm going to....oh.... i think i said too much.

(via purp)
i cant wait to see all the hit that goes down during the Rivercity trackjam. it's going to be siiiiiiiick. one of these day's when i have some money to spend i want to sponsor an event like that. true story. Ted and John, say what's up to everybody in RVA for me!


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