Monday, February 8, 2010

SE BMX, are you listening?: RIP PK

(via zlog)
okay, so i know a couple posts down i was praising the pk ripper- i'm a hardcore SE bmx guy, i love the ripper (big ripper, lil ripper, plain ripper, pk ripper, all the rippers). but sometimes i wish they didnt make the thing alu- it jsut wasnt meant for this way of riding. the gussets only strengthen only one part of the tubes, not the entire tube. therefore, it results in people snapping their frames in the same place. if im not mistaken tanner from alohafixed did the same thing. or...someone snapped a pk ripper...i just dont remember who. SE, you need to fix this NOW. there's no shame in making a steel ripper (though that's unconventional).


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