Sunday, February 7, 2010

Massive video post: wonka lookalike, pk rippin', vandals, MWM, seamoose, seattle, spinny trickys, and awesome ford vans.

hey kiddies! it's now that time of the week/month/whatever, where i post all them edits i have backed up on firefox. irresponsible, maybe; but i kinda like seeing a crap load of various edits in one post.

YU from YU KU$UMOTOh! on Vimeo.

okay, i know i have said this before, and i know alot of people have been saying this, but the more i see Yu ride, the more he looks like wonka. its not just the gorilla talking, its the whole style of riding. however, yu can ride fakie. sorry for a low blow wonka, just saying.

AREACYCLES gnarcotix garage session from Gnarcotixsf on Vimeo.

is that first dude riding a pk ripper? OHHHHHHHH SHIIIIIIIT! it is! i love it when i see pk rippers being destroyed- and you shouldnt be apologizing to the almighty perry kramer (hence the line "sorry PK"), he would love that shit! when i get the money that's going to be my next frameset... for serious.

ZLOG review: Mission Workshop Vandal bag from chris clappe on Vimeo.

theres no real tricks in this one, just an awesome demonstration of the mission workshop vandal. i have praised mission workshop before, and i still stand by my word: mission workshop makes a serious bag. it holds hella stuff and ziggyzloggyzach gives a great demo. oh yeah and mf doom in the bg is awesome (mf doom is the only hip hop i can tolerate).

Midwest Mayhem Main Event from Sam Erickson on Vimeo.

here's a more thorough edit of MWM. it has pregame stuff as well as post game stuff main event stuff. i cant get enough of wonka's wallride, i cant get enough of la marche's nose's, mike's acid drop... midwest mayhem was a great way to kick off 2010.

FAST PACE ZINE: seamoose acid drop from 2020films on Vimeo.

speaking of massive acid drops... andy AKA seamoose (wtf?)attempted one that defies nature. that landing must have sucked for andy's legs... oh and i hella love the song choice.

Its Always Raining In Seattle from Justinavenue on Vimeo.

remember when people used to run 650's? nowadays people are running 26's in the front just for the burliness. i currently run a 650 and dont have a problem with it, but i find it interesting that people are trading their 650s for 26s. i remember when people ran 26's in the front that meant you were to broke to buy a legit 650 hahaha!

Michael Chacon from Stryker LA on Vimeo.

michael chacon exploded onto the scene last year and since then we have never gotten him out of our minds. keo curry may have invented keospins, but michael pretty much perfected it. i know those are strong words (no offense to keo, he will always be a godfather to fixed freestyle), but mike's got spinny tricky's down; and im sure there are people who agree with me on this one.

Peel Sessions 02.04.2010 from John Prolly on Vimeo.

last but not least we have an awesome van, a wonka explosion, stoner metal, and a kicker that seems like a total bitch to ride. seriously, that kicker over that box seems like an awkward thing to ride, but wonka hits it hard. peel sessions always looks fun.


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