Saturday, February 27, 2010

fork that sh*t: BMW clusterfork v2, volume thrasher fork

(via BMW)
at 1140 grams, BMW's clusterfork isnt the lightest thing in the world, but girth never hurt no one. not many details on this except for the weight but a new addtion to the fork is the tapered ends. toe hang noses, anyone?
(via PC)
We got these finalized Thrasher fork samples in last week. Super stoked on the way they came out. Should see em the same time as the Thrasher frames (no date as of yet). We'll keep you guys posted on an E.T.A. as soon as we find out.”- volume

looks like volume is going the tapered route as well. in addition it has a built in crown race. well, i think that's what that is? someone clarify please.

all these tapered end forks remind me....SE NEEDS TO RELEASE THEIR 700c LANDING GEAR NOW.


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