Friday, February 5, 2010

epic fail and epic win: BAPE messenger, and peonfx messenger

a bathing ape bape 2010 messenger bag A Bathing Ape 2010 Spring/Summer Messenger Bag
(via hypebeast)
okay, so i'm over my hype days, but i cant really get away from it's a good tool to see what's socially in and socially out. anyway, there's not much about these bape messengers. as much i want to hate on it, it looks actually functional- i should hold my breath right there in case someone bys one and it gets totally destroyed. but i know another thing i can back:

(via peonfx)
this is peonfx's wolfpac. it comes in 2 colors (blk or gry) and features a laptop compartment, a stability strap, interchangeable sling options (can be left or right shoulder), side compartments, and pump holder, cellphone slot, reflector tabs, top handle, closeable bag top (which i thing will be extremely useful), and a bunch of other fancy things. at $139SGD or $98 us dollars this thing is a steal as well as a great alternative chrome messengers. extremely worth every penny.


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