Friday, January 22, 2010

thanks shortyfatz!

today i took a trip to shortyfatz located here in san jose.sam and matt were gracious enough to let me into their shop where i learned about the history of their bike fabrication. i also got a peek into their future builds. their homeboy marcos (whom i met during an event i threw a while back. they did a photoshoot during  the whole ordeal, guy is nuts on a bike) is currently testing a beefed up version of their eight series- expect alot to come out of the eight series in the future (variations and such). i would say more, but i dont want to spoil it.

i know alot of people are skeptical of the geometic shape of the bike, but it actually is a very versatile geometry. after riding one, i was hooked. thanks to sam, matt, marcos, and co. for being so welcoming. let me know when you move the to the new shop, i will def come down!


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