Tuesday, January 5, 2010

sr suntour messenger cranks?

we all know that the sugino messenger crankset has a good chunk of the crank market for the fixed gear realm. well it looks like suntour is trying to take a portion of that with this crankset:
SR Suntour The Messenger Single Ring Chainset
supposedly this will set you back 90 greenbacks, and come in only gloss black and white. theyre made of alloy and weigh 650 grams (in which, no one really cares abou that).
SR Suntour The Messenger Single Ring ChainsetSR Suntour The Messenger Single Ring Chainset
(all pics via bike reviews)
i think they look like a total rip of  the sugino messenger, and i feel like suntour is really behind on coming into the fixed gear market. if they were smart they would make one directed more towards a heavy duty fixed freestyle crank not an economy crank...


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Anonymous said...

Better yet, Suntour should dust off the molds for the old Superbe Pro NJS parts. I still ride my NJS cranks, BB, rings and hubs. Nearly 30 years old and still spot on perfect. For super track parts, the Superbe Pro stuff is nearly impossible to be beat- even now.