Tuesday, January 5, 2010

proof that san jose matters: san jose's shortyfatz

i blogged about these dudes waaaay back when i started this as a personal blog. they're from san jose and are well known for their eight series lowrider inspired track bike, and for collaborating with another san jose native, phil wood. i have to say that san jose has become quite an epicenter of the fixed gear map- sjf, bike party, hellyer, shortyfatz, phil wood, iminusd... it all comes together in san jose. what sets shortyfatz apart from other bikes is the fact that it's american made but furthermore, SAN JOSE MADE- hand made at that. you can see their dedication to the craft by seeing how their frames are made. look for more from shortyfatz in the future- i plan to stop by thier shop soon since i'm actually in san jose right now...


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