Friday, January 29, 2010

new all-city doubles and sheriff proto gen II's

the thing about all city is that they constantly move forward. how? check out the comparison between the old doubles and the new doubles.

first off there is the material. i own a pair of the old straps, and i have no problems ( problem, which i will get to in a sec). the texture is waaaay different this time around:

the newer straps seen on right^^ are much better quality then the old ones and when you flip them over:

it shows. they also updated their buckles wheich makes me uber happy. with the old version you would have to adjust every once in a while but i'm not complaining.
(pics via all-city)
best part about it, they price stays at $35! like they said it's a victory for the working man.

oh and theyre still testing these....

not the final version yet, but the suspense is killing me!


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