Wednesday, January 20, 2010

massive video post, again.

revoked is nuts. first of all, it's comprised of Congo, DJ, Gus Molina, Matt Spencer, and Richard Baldwin. if you dont know who they are, then you are behind. very very behind. yes, that's is a 14 stair. i counted. it checks out. the level of riding just went up a notch and if you aint hucking, you must be sucking (ha, funny. but that would mean that i really suck....).

aloha fixed supplies another trailer for 290ed, this one focuses on Garrett. i have gone to that school (not with my bike of course) and i can personally say, that is a long gap to clear. garrett clipped the curb, but that still doesnt take away from the fact that if he clipped it just a smidge earlier he wouldve been down for the count.

nasty is one of the most innovative riders in the sport today. his style is just so smooth... here you see him here seshing with MJS's massan (not to be mistaken with MASHSF's massan). that onefooted driftskid thingy was pretty sick @143, as well as the "real" 360 slider up the tranny @110.

chula vista has been coming up lately. you bet your ass you'll see them more and more and more.

this is the footy from lockedcog's trickcat (which taylor tore up btw). spots look familiar, but dont let that get to your head- there are alot of heady things thrown down in this. however i cannot get my head around the fact that someone is riding a brightly colored visp @142. come on dude, that's like bringing a cardboard sword to a warzone- it's not right! anyway, that aptly named fifth spot looks horrendous. getting to that lip sucks. coming down that incline fakie sucks. it's just a nightmare to ride, but taylor didnt seem to mind.

AJ austin's leftover footy from DPII. if this is the shit that gets cut out... then what the fuck is in DPII?

Jacob Ruff just got his scissor through imd and is already putting it through it's paces. expect to see many more scissors to be in edits. the butcher is also in this one with his allcity dropout doing what he does best. i watched this twice- the song made me do a double take. i was like "wtf did that dude just say? he's eating babies?"

it's hard to imagine that not too long ago, chris couldnt pull off alot of this stuff. here he is in nashville.

man, sometimes i regret staying in california for school when i had the chance to go to hawaii instead. however, if it werent for chico i wouldnt be typing this nor would i own a bike. alot of familiar places here too; sacred hearts lol!

phew! finally caught up video wise again!


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