Saturday, January 2, 2010

massive video post pt II: 'mericans.

now i have some time to comment on some of these edits.

its kind of a trip seeng places that you know as sesh spots. the lockedcog crew always knows how to throw it down and kris and brad look like they're developing a certain style on trannys.

i shouldve warned you before that there is a hipster skid in this bitch. anyway, with this vid you get a feel of how goddamn recent macaframa was. massan bombs a hill that we didnt see in the dvd. "hella fixie skid apollo" "oh my gahhhhwd" what i want to know is what the fuck colin is talking about: macaframa bike in 2010? awwwww shi.... good to see that these guys are still going.

uh... yes. proof that wonka kills everything, and quite possibly is THE BEST.

ah, no cassettes. i love this piece because well, no one bombs hills anymore. in addition to that jason is running drops, hits 5 blocks like nothing, and is running a rev-x (DEATH WHEEL). and the slick rick song is amazing.


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