Thursday, January 7, 2010

i'm pretty psyched for this: DVS x Cadence

at bike expo i happened to get my hands on some cadence x dvs stickers. sadly i gave them all out but i have on on my top tube. you kno0w, i wasnt really sure that this would be the end product. i was expecting a big edit or a vid or something, but this will suffice- because i fuckin love dvs'. i recall last year i used to pose up sneakers that can best be used on a fixed gear and i believe that these are going to be the best contender yet. there really hasnt been a great, good looking fixed gear shoe since the vans x morford collab. i'm not even going to mention lance's option (nike air zoom tiempo)- which was awesome, but not very.....good looking. IT WAS HYPEBEASTY ALRIGHT THERE I SAID IT.
(via tokyofg)
i'm actually really really excited for this one. dvs has always been making quality shoes and they have a phenomenal skate team. they managed to make a sneaker that isnt too flashy  (like "IM ON A FIXIE GUYS, LOOK AT ME, I CAN DO SKIDS AND STUFF"), and that could be worn as a day to day shoe and no one will notice- or care for that matter. vulc sole= not alot of bend, but dvs says this thing is super stiff allowing for "reduced leg fatigue,[and an] increase in pedal stroke strength". plus they have a genius looking method of lace protection that doesnt take away form the tongue but enhances it with cleaner lines. props to dustin and dvs for making a sneaker like this.

i want these. i really really want these.


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