Monday, January 4, 2010

hype team jersey: hypebeasting at it's finest.

Team Hype Riding Gear
Team Hype Riding Gear
Team Hype Riding Gear
(via lockedcog)
i'm all for riding for charity, but when your sponsors are fatlace, supreme, undftd, and that one brand that collaborates with nioke all the time (i know it, but i cant remember the name) you look stupid. pedobear? leave that sh*t on jdm evos and sti's where they belong. yellow sleeve band? very original. way to set my race back a few years with the Philippine sun on that...

i'm not condoning the team, what they are doing is gutsy- great even. but goddamnit, why coudldnt you do it more subtly.... ugh... hypebeasts. bety they'll have matching shoes too.


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