Sunday, January 31, 2010

fixed freestyle is a loose term: Co Ichi of starfuckers

after watching this, i am confused. i know i throw fixed freestyle around like it's no one's business but now i'm not so sure what defines "fixed freestyle". there are so many terms: 700cmx, fixed freestyle, tarcking, etc.. it's hard to figure it out what is the universal term is. to me, this is freestyle- footjam tails, awkward positions, oldschool pegs; just like the horrible onslaught the 80's bmx freestyle movement was (remember RAD? i have mixed emotions about that...). regardless, it's quite difficult to stray away from the bmx mantra considering 97.5% of the tricks done on a fixed gear is from bmx freestyle/riding. the latter part would be attributed to artistic cycling.

with that said...i'm not sure what i'm trying to get at. just keep riding.

OH OH YEAH, I FORGOT! i think the starfuuckers geometry is perfect for theis application by the way. check the foot placement, it's kinda cu-razy.


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