Thursday, January 14, 2010

chicogrid x chicobike&board x BHSK x imd: support your lbs

i'd like to take a minute to thank 2 important shops that keep my bike going.

i've been living in chico for 2 years or so, and there are 5 local bike shops in riding distance of downtown. however there is only one (well, two- but the bicycle wheel is kinda out of the way). shop that gets involved with the fixeg fear community- or even the bmx community. last year there was a small fixed gear community in chico, and today it's still small, but is consistently growing with the help of ted shred, affinity, and ultimitely chico bike and board. bike and board put up the last fixed gear competition that ted and i put together, and ted and bike&board have been putting up these contests since 08 (i only got involved last year). brian knows what he's doing over there and he makes moves that the other bike shops dont do in chico. there are a lot of roadies and mountain goats there, and for a bike shop to attribute o the bmx and the fixed gear community was gutsy. now the other main chico shops are struggling to get a hold of the chico fixed community... brian is genius. my buddies at chicogrid did a little segment on bike and board and you get a glimpse of my face. i got second place with that skid btw. i clear whole parking lots; it's all about form. check out bike and board here. if you want to check out the feature it's here.

that said, you may have noticed that each picture has an imd logo. i know youre probably sick of hearing me praise imd, but i cant help it. san jose has so much going on right now fixed gear wise since imd opened. hellyerites go there. "tarckers" go there (it's an sjf thing). half of the bay area goes there. imd couldnt be in a better place. and mark... mark is the shit. the dude started sjf with like 10 people, which is now a big ass community. he should be the san josean of the year or something (oh and thanks for not kicking me off sjf.). i get my tires from them and i always go therere when im back in sj. san jose has never had a lbs like that ever, and lbs' like that dont come by very often. check out imd here.

thanks you guys.


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