Monday, January 25, 2010

2010 pake track frame update

i used to know a guy who ran a pake here in chico, and i recall that his bike was very clean and traditional except for the frame. well, pake infamous for their cookie cutter frame built for value, is going to make some major changes. the headtube finally goes to 1-1/8 (this was a really irritating thing to me, i was abou to buy a pake until i heard that it utilized a 1 inch), and the bottle bosses are gone leaving it as a true track bike. they will also be updating their fork with a straight bladed unicrown design over their previous design that was 1 in, curved and cheap lookin'. they will be also updating their colors and have the bikes UNDECALED (comes with a decal kit). one of the color options will be a fancy neon yellow to black fade (far from their whole theory of "if it aint black, we didnt fuckin make it.):


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