Sunday, December 13, 2009

WTF factor: Kasina's Coolrain toys

coolrain kasina 12 inch figure 1 Coolrain for Kasina 12 inch Figurescoolrain kasina 12 inch figure 2 Coolrain for Kasina 12 inch Figures
(via hypebeast)
i cannot stress on how wrong this truly is. seriously, what happened to those hypebeast dolls that only had skateboards? i'm guessing the era in which i lived in is over- skateboarding has taken a backseat. here's what hypebeast has to say:

"Korean toy-maker and customizer Coolrain recently put together the following series of figures for fellow Korean retailer Kasina.
Four different versions mimic what is arguable some of the current
influences within streetwear on both a fixed gear/skate and fashion

well guess what, like everything, i have a problem with this. no fixed gear rider in their right mind would be wearing baggy jeans and no one with half a functioning brean would have a chain attached to their wallet. no one would run a clip strap setups with such thick ass skate shoes. oh hell no, that dude is wearing white jeans- what the fuck is this? the jonas brothers? GET THE FUCK OUT? cargo shorts? you trippin'- CARGO SHORTS?

now in all seriousness... their fork tubes are sticking out... guess they like a little tube action when they skid... as for the puple hed 3:

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