Sunday, December 20, 2009

vid post: 900 bar, snow sumersaults, fisheye lens, hellafass lines doo, and some indoor action

right now im currently in anaheim in a hotel doing some blog work. this stuff piles up! so let's start with the heads up in seoul:

now to turning tricks, as i said before i never followed chris very closely but now i really appreciate what chris is representing. SNOW SUMERSAULTS! best trick ever! after looking at new york's snowfall through prolly's pics, snow actually looks kinda fun to ride around on...

180 off a 4 stair confirms my belief that everything looks good through a fisheye lens. alot of great lines in this. now that alot of people are getting their hands on dslr's with hd capabilities we're seeing alot of dudes who are throwing down amazing edits. this phenomena is making everyone step their game up, so all you out there: KEEP MAKING EDITS!

donghoh does hella fast ass lines. i think he's the dennis busenitz of fixed gear riding right now (if you know who busenitz is, then you will understand my analogy).

now i know alot of you in the bay area are dreading this winter weather, but now that i'm in so cal for a few days winter gets a little wierd. at one time it was 80 degrees. yeah, wat da succ doo! well if you are getting that cabin fever try seshing in a parking lot structure like jordan burt here:

alot of vids out...


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