Saturday, December 26, 2009

torey (hfwido) is busy: 700cmx blog!

this is torey (hfwido) thornton. you should know who he is. if you dont, then well, youre missing out.

homeboy torey is a busy dude. not only do you see him on council of doom, you see him on bootleg, running his own blog (WRRRRAAAAAAHHHHHWWWW), recently getting a GOrilla kilroy, constantly alongside wonka, but now his next endeavor is on 700cmx. run by torey, kareem (that one guy everyone seems to hate on) shehab, and travis (no not barker) baker.

when you have a chance, go visit 700cmx- on there are intervies of torey as well as kareem. though we're the same age, looks like he got into this a little quicker thn i did! good luck to trav, torey, and dude that everyone hates (kareem)!


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