Friday, December 11, 2009

this just in: individual pursuit, points race, and madison cut from the olympics

"The International Olympic Committee has confirmed a complete reorganization of Olympic track cycling events, meaning they've ditched the Individual Pursuit, the Points race, and the Madison, and added women's keirin, team sprint, team pursuit, and omnium for both men and women. The move is, ostensibly, about gender parity, having the same number of events for both men and women track cyclists..."
-simon from hipsternascar

that means, mo more this:
it's sad to see the olympics cut the longer endurance races. *sigh* i love pursuit. that's all i watched during the olympics... i mean, you dont need to cut events to ad women's events- no sexism here, they couldve just added the women's events without cutting the longer edurance races. and with all the fixed gear and track bike hype, i feel as if the cycling events are going to be where it's at in a few years. olympic comittee, SUCK IT. quit trying to shorten the length of the cycling events. i'm all for the fixed without dicks, but dudes, dont cut olympic cycling events.


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