Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Since my computer doesnt want me to finish my series: carnival and 14 bike co's san marco concors

so i planned on doing 3 epic posts but i couldn't do so because my web
browser crashed hella times. that's what you get when you dont let your
computer shut down and leave it on sleep all the time. oh well. i have a shit load of things i need to catch up with so i'll put that on hold.

(via 14bikeco)
so, if you want fire on your ass (no aero) look no further. apparently theyre normal priced, they just have a hella sick 14 bike co logo on the side... but if suede isnt your forte per se....

(via carnival)
BOOOM BLLLLLAAAAOOW (as john cardiel would put it) try on some mutha fucking snake skin mo'fuckkkaaaahhh! i cant understand twhat they say in japanese but i can understand the 16500 yen price tag. ouch. are concors comfy? it's an aquired ass feel. is snake skin awesome? fuck yes.


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