Monday, December 7, 2009

sides 3 revival premiere

if im not mistaken, this is another one from texas (based soley on seeing hector from the byke project). first off, i have a problem. i would totally win that trackstand contest. if you know me, i'm a 3 trick pony: skid, ghostride, trackstand- thats it. i know vaiations of each- that trackstand contest was weak (but i cant say sh*t about texas, so i guess it was cool). all in all, the video reminds me of how the contests here go. unfortunately, it's been ridiculously cold lately so we havent been holding any. i miss footdowns. how come footdown contests always end up a fixed gear and a bmx bike duking it out? look out for hector's hat off to freestyle bmx's smoothie/fixed freestyle's slider @1:06.

texas mothaf*cking texas


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