Thursday, December 10, 2009

prolly says "fuck my ass": NY revival premiere.

what's with people talking smack about kareem? its hilarious, keep it going....? ive never seen such a wide array of trick bikes, the gorilla kilroy, the leader TRK, prolly's MKE bruiser, the volume cutter, the charge scissor.... man and a proper brooklyn banks run with torey busting his ass. good try though dude! he busts a stair wheelie (he always thinks of crazy ass things... like his shirt.) wonks does some crazy things too like a step up.... oh and we get to see crazy nose mannys from la marche.

and prolly wants his ass fucked?

john dont kill me. love you man.



Prolly said...

that's it, you're dead.


J.mika'ele said...

hey man... you were the one that said it. hahaha