Saturday, December 26, 2009

new tires from masi's offspring, brev. M: slitatta tires

lately, there has been an ongoing tire debate. if you own a hplus/b43/julian/iMD, you know that these things are a total bitch to put on so picking a tire that 1)lasts (so you dont want to change these fuckers) and 2)is functional for whatever riding it's used for. fixation did a wonderful job of breaking this down for us in a recent writeup (they even admitted that their tires kinda sucked at certain things, and i respect that).

masi's offspring brev m is stepping into the tire game with this:

Brev M Slittata tire mold sample- version 1
this is the slittata tire which apparently means skid in i-tal-yun. it's going to be 28mm (yeah, sorry dudes who are rolling over 30mm tires!) and the casing will be 60 tpi (bike nerds know what that is). competing with the super everwear, rando and such will be hard though- i know people who  are die hard rando users and i am a die hard everwear user (i complain about running a rando so much. i hate it so much). man, brev m gots some work to do... persuade me.


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Brev M said...

Thanks for the mention- and you are totally correct, we do have some great competition out there in the tire world and we're not taking that fact lightly. We're trying our best to do our homework and get rider feedback as soon as we get tires to work with. We ride- a lot- so we want to only bring out stuff we'd ride with on our own bikes- period.

We're gonna do our best to persuade you... so just keep your eyes peeled and your ear to the ground for more info...