Sunday, December 13, 2009

nem pro trackfighters: available!

IMGP3139.jpg picture by nemesis-Brad
IMGP3140.jpg picture by nemesis-Brad

IMGP3142.jpg picture by nemesis-Brad

IMGP3138.jpg picture by nemesis-Brad
(via nem-pro)
before i get started, please be alert because kris from lockedcog is still missing his bike. he is a cool dude, and i really want him to recover his bike.
nem- pro just posted up 2 pics of the trackfighter frames. dude, look at that clearance in the back! if i threw my imd in the back of that, it would look like it's floating in free space. it's nuts. from what they say, a handful of these will be available just in time for the new year, so get to their blog and shoot them an email!


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