Monday, December 7, 2009

more difisso x captain fin: bergamo fixed's streetfigher

I f*cking love difisso. it sucks that the website is down- gio gave me an ad on their site (which was awesome on his part). now, i dont know if this is a captain fin, but i have reason to believe it is. i f*cking love the polished rear considering i run a polished rear, and i love the striped fork, considering i run something really similar. i love the raw frame. i love the old school seat. i love how the dude had to hammer the pin back into the chain instead of using a chaintool. i love the profile imperial chainwheel.

this is how my bike would look like if i ran a trick setup. GIIIIIOOOOOO I WANT THIS!!! (but with a checkered fork)


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