Thursday, December 17, 2009

kilroy: the story

alot of this is really true. the fixed gear is the icon of urban cycling today. alot of fixed gear heads out there take for granted geometry. there's so much stuff that goes into the geometry: toe overlap, barspin ability, how close the rear is to the seat tube- everything in the geometry effects riding. sure it helps being a well rounded rider (such as the wonks).

it's crazy how they developed the kilroy, and what better rider to shape it 'round than wonka. i imagine the thought process as such: "he's a destroyer of frames, so lets build one that he doesnt fuck up! in addition to that, we're going to fine tune the geometry so that it makes him an even better rider than he currently is!" and you know what? that's the only way to do it (correctly anyway). oh, you broke your frame wonka? heres a stronger one, throw it off a a 13 stair!

oh, and if you break it, wonka will give you his. i think that's a guarantee if i ever heard one.


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