Tuesday, December 22, 2009

identiti ffx 20 fork

earlier this year, DJ bike brand identiti announced that they will be making a fixed gear frame. now it looks like theyre making a trick spec fork:

(via identiti)
i know a handful of people who run the 26 identiti rebate fork, and to be honest- that fucker is heavy as shit. it's good that identiti is recognizing that some of their income is due to the fixed gear community without tarnishing their roots by abandoning what they are good at, and i believe it's a sign of things to come.

"Lightweight butted and heat treated 20/20 Cro-Mo tubing.
Internally and externally machined steerer.
(offers optimised strength and weight, without the stress rising
areas that changes in diameter over short distances can cause.)
Tapered 28.6 to 20mm legs – giving slender looks with
massive strength.
Large weld area - providing increases strength.
Height 393mm A to C
Unicrown BMX style... but not excessively wide or heavy looking
BMX style dropout... but designed to fit 9mm track or QR axles...
with safety lip.
BMX style crown - drilled for Roadie type recessed nut brake.
Weight: 1,080g with long 280mm steerer.
Colours: Black, White or Chrome.

recapping, it loses 1/3 of the weight of the rebate fork, the bmx look, and is built specifically for fixed freestyle (or according to identiti FFX). my only problem is the A(ss) to C(***) dimension. it's not that long at 393. alot of companies who are making barspinnable 700c forks run at least 400mm. other than that, identiti is making moves- let's hope this frame and fork combo ends in a complete bike.


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