Friday, December 18, 2009

fonseca's thrasher setup: praises and criticism.
Thrasher Builds.Thrasher Builds.
(via lockedcog)
i was supposed to post this earlier, but couldnt because my computer failed miserably. i believe that this bike is an acquired taste, some will like it , some will not. the slack HT, the longer tt and dt, the spanish bb- it's a really specific machine. that said, there' are some criticisms lurking. the spanish bb calls for only bmx cranks, there fore you cant' run your cheap p.o.s. pake cranks you bought for 10 bucks (god i hate those). the slack HT makes barspins epic, but causes the ride to get somewhat squirelly at speed. the lengthening ot the tt and dt makes this squirelly-ness even worse. but barspis will be epic. basically the geometry is offsetting both wheels foreward (closer rear wheel is to seapost=easier pops, farther front wheel is from DT=epic barspins). from a trick perspective, it makes total sense, but from a day to day basis, i'm not persuaded.

alot is lost when youre building a trick specific frame, functionality as well as the original intent of the urban track bicycle is put aside.


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