Sunday, December 27, 2009

fast pace issue 1 by andy compton

back in the 80's and early 90's there used to be a phenomena called fanzines which followed the happenings of certain cultural phenomena. nowadays we have blogs, but back then, people put these things into print (remember? paper? ink?). many will say print is dead, but i believe print is a very effective form of media. andy compton also believes in this type of media and therefore he made a zine about it:
(pic via prolls)
i love the DIY ness of fast pace. sure there's cog and fixe and whatnot, but damn- there's no better feeling than doing it yourself as a one man operation. good shit man! you should really make this into a pdf format so people can see!

hey andy, if you need any help for writing or research or whatnot let me know. you can check out fast pace's blog (kind of redundant for a zine to have a blog, eh?) here.


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